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U-Pack Moving Review

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of U-Pack's moving services.

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of U-Pack's moving services.

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    About the Company

    U-Pack is a moving company that offers affordable door-to-door delivery solutions for short or long-distance moves. While they don’t provide full-service moving solutions, they do offer trailers, containers, and equipment for loading and unloading. 

    U-Pack is a good choice if you want to save money and get the benefits of professional support. While you have to pack and unpack your own possessions, U-Pack provides the supplies and transportation.

    Pros Cons
    Only pay for the space you use No damage loss protection
    Available in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico Must load and unload yourself
    No deposit required Week-of cancellation fees 
    In-transit tracking system

    Best option for:

    • Avoiding rentals, gas costs, and driving on your own
    • Saving money by only paying for the storage space you need
    • In-transit storage so you don’t have to load and unload multiple times
    • Military members who want to move on their own but still get reimbursed

    Benefits of Choosing U-Pack

    Why choose U-Pack for your moving needs? This company provides a simple, affordable, and convenient moving option for anyone wanting pickup, delivery, and real-time tracking. 

    Unlike other moving companies, U-Pack offers a pay-what-you-use structure so that customers can save money on space they don’t use. They also provide detailed paperwork, resources, and estimates to make the moving process simpler. 

    While same-day pickup is required in some cities, most customers have up to three days to load and unload their items. U-Pack will not move your stuff in and out of your home, but they can connect you with a pre-qualified moving company. They also provide recommended moving resources on their website.

    Delivery Services and Equipment

    U-Pack offers two long-distance moving options, both of which come with packing supplies, relocation checklists, and online shipment tracking.

    You can find a breakdown of the two options below.

    ReloCube Trailer
    Usage Smaller moves, moves with limited parking  Larger moves; best for 2- or 3-bedroom homes or larger
    Weight Up to 2,500 pounds per ReloCube Up to 22,000 pounds 
    Dimensions 5’10” deep x 6’10” wide x 7’9″ high 27′ long x 8′ wide x 9′ high
    Insurance $3 per pound per item up to $7,500 per ReloCube $3 per pound per item, up to $60,000 per trailer
    Distance 100 miles or more 100 miles or more
    Storage Options Yes Yes
    • ReloCube: You only pay for the ReloCubes you use as U-Pack fills any extra space with commercial freight, using a divider wall to protect your items. While this option might take longer to arrive (though typically no longer than a week), it’s the best for budget-friendly customers.
    • Trailer: Depending on the city, both street and driveway pickup and drop-off may be available. Trailers come with a free ramp and a locking divider to protect your things during the move. You can put motorcycles, ATVs, and lawn mowers on the trailer, but they don’t allow cars.

    Storage Services

    All metal equipment is weather-proof, so it can be left on the street or in your driveway before and after your move. However, additional short-term or long-term storage can be added on. 

    U-Pack picks up their loaded equipment and keeps it at one of their 240 U-Pack service areas until you’re ready for delivery. Billing is based on 30-day storage increments, which begin the day your equipment arrives at the center.

    Online Account

    One of the best features of U-Pack is their online system. You can get a free moving quote within minutes and create an online account where you can track your shipment in transit, contact customer service, add on services, and maintain your history for future moves. 

    Modifications can be made at any time, but cancellation fees will accrue within one week of your scheduled pickup. If your shipment doesn’t arrive on the guaranteed date, U-Pack will reduce your transportation charges by up to 100%.

    Simplified Process

    U-Pack’s space estimator helps you determine how much equipment you need. On their online store, you can purchase dollies, ATV ramps, straps, and other items to make the loading process easier. Once the trip is booked, this is what you can expect:

    • Three days before your planned move, U-Pack will drop off the ReloCubes or trailer, which you will be expected to fill yourself. 
    • A professional driver will pick up your things and deliver it to your final destination within one week, which you can track in real time.
    • Upon arrival, you have up to three days to unload. If you live in a crowded city, you may have to schedule your load and unload time. 

    While the moving quote is determined upon order and can be modified ahead of the pickup, the final cost is determined by the driver who calculates your price based on the linear footage of storage space you use. For instance, If you ordered four ReloCubes but only used three, your quote will be adjusted.

    Insurance Options

    Because U-Pack doesn’t actually pack, load, or unload your items, they don’t offer damage loss coverage. However, they do offer insurance on the items in transit, as defined below.

    • Carrier negligence coverage: For $0.10 per pound per item, you get protection from carrier negligence. You can also pay extra for additional coverage, but you must make the change within one business day before your scheduled pickup. 
    • Catastrophic coverage: For $3 per pound per item, for up to $60,000 per trailer and $7,500 per ReloCube, you get protection from catastrophic loss. 

    Deposits are not required and modifications can be made up to one business day before your move, but if you need to cancel within a week of the pickup date, you will be charged $50. Day-of cancellations cost $150.

    Customer Service and Support

    You can contact customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 844-362-5303 or sending them an email using their homepage. However, the operations team is only available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. CST and on Saturday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. CST.

    U-Pack is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company holds an A+ rating from the organization and has a customer rating of 4.26 out of 5 stars. The company’s few negative reviews explain customer frustration over delays in delivery and unexpected costs due to miscalculated shipment amounts. 

    Here are some U-Pack reviews from past customers:

    Daniel S. via BBB said: 

    The drivers had good customer service, the departing scheduler not so much. The arrival scheduler was very good. Most of the boxes arrived well, some were crushed and a couple split open. I was disappointed as I spent many hours over securing each package. They were even the good ones from Lowe’s and Home Depot. I would say if it can break don’t put it in the trailer, there must be too much movement inside.

    Pennie W. via BBB said:

    Everyone from start to finish involved in my move acted with the utmost professionalism and the entire process went well beyond my expectations. I cannot say enough good things about this company and the lengths they go to take the stress out of moving.

    Our Conclusion

    U-Pack is ideal for customers who want to save money and avoid renting vehicles to move their possessions more than 100 miles. U-Pack’s equipment is sturdy, safe, and cost-effective, though if you don’t have a driveway or a street space, U-Pack equipment may not be a viable option. However, day-of loading and unloading is possible, as is in-transit storage. The money-saving option, in addition to the company’s live tracking, makes U-Pack a good choice for long-distance moves.

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