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Moving APT Review

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of Moving APT moving services.

This review was created to help you better understand the pros and cons of Moving APT moving services.

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    About the Company

    Moving APT is a moving broker that offers a myriad of moving services, in addition to storage, transportation, and insurance. They don’t provide the moving services in-house, but they are connected to a large network of professional companies. 

    If you’re looking for a full-service company to handle all of your moving needs under one place, Moving APT is a good option. They compare quotes and provide resources to make your move, big or small, easier.

    Pros Cons
    Access to numerous moving companies, with services from auto shipping to furniture moving All services are outsourced to outside companies
    Valuable resources for moving, such as moving cost calculator Pricing depends on companies chosen for services
    Easy-to-access price matching Non-refundable booking fees

    Best option for:

    • Customers who need to move large items, such as pianos, hot tubs, or cars
    • Individuals making interstate or international relocations, either for personal or business
    • Anyone wanting expert guidance on their moves, with the option of connecting with professional consultants and access free moving resources

    Benefits of Choosing Moving APT

    Why choose Moving APT for your moving needs? The company makes it convenient to book all of your moving services through one company. Moving APT can help you figure out what type of insurance to get, what car shipping companies are best, and what tasks to complete before your pickup date. 

    Moving APT is a licensed interstate broker which claims to only work with moving companies that are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) authorized, but they received 12 complaints in 2019 and 20 complaints in 2020. To compare, competitor American Van Lines has had no complaints in the past four years.

    Services and Features

    Moving APT aims to be the go-to company for all moving services. They provide price matching and customizable plans on everything from relocating to storing your home. As part of their repertoire, Moving APT provides all of the following:

    • Auto shipping
    • Storage
    • Custom crating
    • Basic liability coverage
    • Full-value coverage
    • Moving supplies
    • Loading and unloading
    • Packing and unpacking
    • Furniture assembly/disassembly
    • Piano transport
    • Hot tub transport
    • Appliance disconnection/reconnection

    Moving APT works on all types of moves, including residential, corporate, military, and government relocations. They are most known for their interstate and international moves and ensuring that you get everything you need moved, including any specialty items.

    Moving Tools

    If you need quick information on how best to move, Moving APT is a great resource. They offer beneficial information for preparing, packing, and pricing out the total cost of relocation.

    Moving Cost Calculator

    Moving APT focuses on binding estimates, which are calculated after requesting a quote and completing your inventory list. The goal of binding estimates is to prevent hidden fees. You just have to make sure your inventory is listed accurately or the pricing could change.

    Sample costs, according to Moving APT’s moving cost calculator, are included below.


    Home Size Mileage Insurance Type Average Cost
    Studio 490 Standard $1,390
    Studio 2500 Full Value Protection $3,730
    One Bedroom 2500 Standard  $4,000
    Two Bedroom 815 Standard $3,815
    Two Bedroom 1015 Full Value Protection $5,115
    Three Bedroom 920 Standard $5,420
    Four Bedroom + 1550 Full Value Protection $9,750

    While not reflected in the prices above, you have the option of adding on the following services:

    • Full packing
    • Elevator 
    • Flight of stairs

    Professional Advice

    Moving APT has published numerous blog posts on different aspects of the moving process. From making checklists to protecting yourself against damage, Moving APT provides professional advice, recommendations, Q&As, and Pro Tips throughout their site, aiming to guide you from ideation to final move-in day. 

    No matter if you’re moving by yourself, moving a vehicle across country, or moving your whole family abroad for a job, you can benefit from Moving APT’s expert information.

    Simplified Process

    Moving Apt acts as the middleman. When you contact Moving Apt, a customer service representative will guide you through your options and show you a list of companies as well as price comparisons so you can make a well-informed decision ahead of booking.

    When your inventory list is made and your booking dates are chosen, your quote will be finalized. There are no return fees if you cancel, even if you cancel the day after booking your reservation, so make sure your move is confirmed before you make a reservation through Moving APT. 

    However, Moving APT offers numerous discounts for military members, government employees, seniors, and customers with disabilities. You just need to mention the discount when you speak with a customer service representative at the time of booking.

    Customer Service and Support

    You can contact Moving APT’s customer service by calling (800) 360-0037 or messaging their LiveChat to speak with a customer service representative. 

    Moving APT is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but the company holds a B rating from the organization and has a customer rating of 4.65 out of 5 stars. The company has received many positive reviews, with mentions of friendly customer service and affordable prices. While many customers have praised their excellent handling of items, which are handled by third-party moving companies, many Moving APT customers have claimed the company is dishonest. Reviews on other websites are majority negative. 

    Here are some Moving APT reviews from past customers:

    Jairo M. via BBB said:

    They use third party movers. In my case I had to pay $250 more to the carries just so I could get my stuff. They did nothing to correct this issue other than give me the runaround to run out the clock until the movers arrived at which point my options were to either pay the extra money or not get my things. I wouldn’t doubt it if many of the 5 star reviews below are fake.

    Stephen C. via BBB said: 

    Moving APT was the best company that contacted us. We spoke to you between five and eight different companies spread out throughout the country. We got the best price per cubic foot from them as well as a team of people that work day and night to make our move a success. The relocation package they put together included all the handling dismantling and assembling of all the furniture items. We got status updates and we’re in constant contact with a representative. We felt confident in them and secure every step of the way.

    Our Conclusion

    Moving APT is a good resource for those making moves. You can compare services and find key information on costs, insurance, and storage options. Moving APT also offers packing, auto shipping, and other unique moving services, making them a one-stop shop option for customers. 

    However, the poor reviews mixed with the FMCSA complaints make it a questionable company for booking moves. Some of Moving APT’s competitors offer all of the same services, but in-house. If you simply want advice on how to begin the process and what type costs to expect, Moving APT can provide that.